KAGAMI 2014 - Japanese Horror Event.

カガミ (鏡) 2014
Hi guys !
This event is SecondLife Japanese traditional horror event.
I first visit here and I'm really impressive this whole setting and mood.
this event theme is " KAGAMI " it means " Mirror ".
this is kind of Japanese Ghost Story about Mirror, this story is really
Scary but really impressive too. I'll show you guys some pic about Kagami !
I think this post is little bit long xD <3
I think little warning the Story spoiler x.x ehehe !
If you guys don't want Spoiler the Story just skip my word <3
Here is KAGAMI mall place, oh you guys don't forget to change your Windlight
( Environment setting - Use region setting CHECK! )
It seems great right? so many light and cute Japanese fox monster standing with hand light *0*

this is landing point this sim and can start the story Enter there !
you guys just walk to there and teleporting the first step for reading the story.
Don't forget to Kagami HUD, this is important to progress this story.
( also Kagami event have the Script checker so you guys don't use the Heavy Script on your avi.
it will be kick out from this sim :3 )

First Other World.
first start the Prologue in School and after then enter the kasumi room
and next is another world ( world beyond ) that pic.
little bit darker and sooo scary because many ghost in here.
and you guys have to find the Soul jar ( like small green light jar ),
 and play start the story :) it will be hard to find and need the time and patience.
and then you guys see the "Luca's story" like kasumi's twin sister.
you clear the all first story quest you can go through other land.
this monster is Door Guardian. you have to give some food and you can pass the door
and see the Luca and Traveler Story.
and you save the Kasumi and leave the Luca out of the Real world.
and Kasumi is don't remember anything, about Luca, another world and everything.
and you guys decided to help Luca for her wish. :D ( I think Luca is really poor girl )
this sound really impressive story, must look the every story line.
you Enter again beyond world and can see the festival on here.
it's pretty look amazing and same world and different feeling xD
you guys find again soul jar LOL for End the story.

You guys finally helped her contact each other Luca and Kasumi.
Kasumi first know about Luca is twin sister.
Luca and Kasumi is long talk and then Luca is gone.
I talk about the simple story line so you guys must go and play the Kagami Story.
I'm sure you guys really enjoy the Kagami story :>
< Kagami Official Map >
You can check the whole sim and Shop list and Info on map !

More info is CLICK here !
Go to KAGAMI2014 here !
Thank you for make this amazing Event <3 !
素敵なイベントありがとうございました <3!

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